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Our Change Approach



We are driven to reach excellence in achievement, engagement, and behavioral health among boys and young men ages 5–24 years old.

Here’s How We Do It:​


We reach out to community networks, churches, schools, and service providers to identify and engage boys and young men to become a part of the DREAAM House family. We connect with parents as the primary educator to build supportive relationships.

We actively seek out passionate and committed staff, educators, volunteers, and partners. DREAAM creates transformative experiences, trauma-informed spaces, and strength-based programs that will benefit our boys and young men for years to come.


We take care to allocate resources to improve kindergarten readiness. We teach and strengthen essential life skills - collaboration, contribution, self-regulation, adaptability, attachment, and belonging - across all DREAAM programs. We focus on these particular skills to produce improved academic outcomes and positive impacts in the lives of boys and young men. We also teach parents and grandparents effective parenting skills and self-care strategies.


We are invested in building an opportunity pipeline which will amplify the greatness of boys and young men. We build sustainable partnerships, we share spaces with churches to reduce overhead, and we also leverage existing resources with the goal of community impact and transformative change. We stretch every dollar to scale programs and expand services to reach as many boys and young men as possible.

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