Parent Learning Community


Parents have many strengths, but they still need support and community resources to address the challenges they face individually and as a parent.


We truly believe parents are the primary educators. Their voices are incorporated into our programs and services.

To build strong relationships with parents, we use a learning community approach. Parents are encouraged to come together to learn and share parenting strategies, to build advocacy skills, to better understand childhood trauma, and to build positive networks among themselves.

We reach, teach, and invest in our parents by providing these free resources.


  1. The Effective Black Parenting Program (EBPP), which is a parenting skill-building program created specifically for parents of Black children. Some of the goals of EBPP are:

    1. Prevent and treat child behavior disorders

    2. Promote cultural pride

    3. Reduce parental stress

    4. Improve child school behavior and performance


    2. Support groups will be offered in Spring 2019 to further build on the goals of EBPP. These support groups will meet weekly for one hour in various community spaces. Parents will be able to select from a variety of special-interest support groups.

Each summer, parents fundraise and DREAAM House helps cover the expenses for the DREAAM Family Vacation. This is a low-cost, jam packed and memorable overnight experience for families. We travel to a nearby city and visit local landmarks, offering parents an opportunity to spend stress-free time with their children. In 2019, our trip was to Milwaukee, WI!