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Mentoring Amplifies

Since mentoring is an important aspect of DREAAM, we wanted to share an important message from MENTOR National.

As the mentoring field is continually growing and evolving, so must research about mentoring. MENTOR, the national champion for the mentoring movement, recently released its latest Research Agenda outlining four key areas to meet the emerging needs of the field and inform funders and policymakers about how the mentoring movement can be strengthened.

The agenda lays out these priorities as focus areas:

  1. Increase research on the role of mentoring in supporting youth identity development and combating loneliness and isolation.

  2. Study innovative strategies to expand the opportunities for mentoring relationships that occur naturally within systems and institutions.

  3. Increase actionable research on mentoring that occurs in diverse programmatic settings.

  4. Invest in more research on the societal-level changes that are produced by mentoring relationships.

Mike Garringer, MENTOR’s Director of Research and Evaluation, says, “MENTOR was honored to work with so many researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders on this project, and we look forward to sharing it with a range of stakeholders so we can continue to inform our movement and support young people wherever they are.”

“By putting forth this agenda," he says, “we can ensure that our mentoring research is actionable, and that the resulting resources and tools bridge the gap from research to practice.”

To learn more about MENTOR and the research surrounding the mentoring movement, contact Mike Garringer.

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