Founded in 2015, DREAAM House (Driven to Reach Excellence and Academic Achievement for Males), a 501(c)3 community impact organization, creates and implements community-based programs for boys and young men at promise to overcome obstacles and succeed in school, at home, and in life. Programs are designed to, over time, reduce the achievement and opportunity gaps and disrupt the high rates of juvenile delinquency and violence in Champaign County, Illinois.

By partnering with organizations, we support and improve the academic development and social-emotional competency of males at age 5 until age 24. Through a comprehensive, trauma-informed, year-round program model, we provide transformative experiences that shape and increase educational outcomes, knowledge, skills, and life opportunities.

We do this by:

  • Focusing on continuous quality improvement, data-driven and cost-effective decisions

  • Strengthening skills to encourage improved academic outcomes and positive impacts in the lives of boys and young men

  • Aligning with an extensive network of partnerships – including school districts, governmental entities, colleges, social service providers, community organizations, and faith-based organizations – to coordinate and sustain investment in boys and young men from pre-kindergarten to post-secondary education

  • Supporting the struggle for education justice for boys and young men and providing opportunities to tap into their potential

More socially, emotionally, and academically healthy boys and young men in our community.

To date, over 125 boys have participated in one or more of DREAAM House's programs and services. More boys are prepared for and entering kindergarten with reading and math skills at grade level, due to the impact of the DREAAM Kindergarten Jumpstart Program. This critical jumpstarted has engaged 55 boys over the years in Champaign and Rantoul School Districts. With partnerships in Champaign Unit #4 School District, Rantoul City Schools #137, and Urbana #116 School District, DREAAM House has dived deep into addressing social emotional development, culturally responsive STEM education, building relationship with families, and raising expectations for Black boys and young men.

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