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Black Family Wellness

The Why

Black Family Wellness adopts a unique approach of complete Wraparound support to address the social and emotional needs of a small cohort of young children (ages 3-6) and their families.

Wraparound is an individualized, collaborative, family-driven planning process designed to meet the complex, intersecting needs of a young person and their family. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, youth with access to Wraparound services tend to have better outcomes than similar young people who don't, across many different areas of their lives including mental health, and functioning in their homes, schools, and communities.

Each participating family works with a certified Wraparound coach to develop a personalized, comprehensive, and outcome-driven support plan. The intention is not for the coach to tell the family what to do or to be a decision-maker. Rather, at monthly meetings with families, coaches identify needs and concerns, facilitate access to essential resources and services, and help develop plans for the future  -- all in service of building a strengthened family system.


In addition, each family will have access to a Wraparound youth coach and financial support. All of these Wraparound services are offered for up to twelve months, and all participants will be able to schedule follow-up sessions for an additional three months.

This strategy is a true partnership between young children, their families, natural and community supports, and the assigned facilitator. Together, we work together to ensure all of the team's work is grounded in the unique ideas and preferences of each family and is informed by the knowledge and expertise of all its members.

Get Involved


Generous contributions from our supporters help make DREAAM a success -- whether in dollars, time, or partnership.


Interested in joining a cohort of this program, or know someone who is?  To inquire about eligibility, please contact us at (217) 530-0110 or

In addition to being a Program Coordinator at DREAAM, Kim is the Connections Program Coordinator for the Regional Office of Education #9. Overseeing all truancy, homeless support services, alternative education (GED), counseling and WIOA services for students enrolled in Champaign and Ford County School Districts. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology, and holds a license in Child Welfare and Foster Care and is also a National Certified Dropout Prevention Specialist. She has an extensive history working in numerous educational and social service fields.


Kim is passionate about helping children and adults reach their full potential and she works hard to find resources, to serve as a mentor, and to assist in creating unique evidence-based programs that offer safe and supportive environments to meet student/family needs. She is here to make a difference.  Progress is a Process!

Black Family Wellness is led by Program Coordinator, Kim Nix.


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