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For the past few weeks, 10 DREAAM participants had the wonderful opportunity to take part in STRIVE, a program offered by the YWCA in Champaign. They not only enjoyed the personal interaction, but also gained worthwhile experience with technology that they are sure to use in future careers, as well as in their daily lives.

STRIVE’s program offers free digital skills and workforce development using the Google suite of applications, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Keep, etc. In addition to learning tech, the STRIVE program offers peer mentoring and fellowship.

On the first day of training, each DREAAM participant received a Chromebook, which they were able to keep upon completion of the program! Throughout the six-week course, specific topics were covered, including basic familiarity of computers, introduction to Google Workspace, and gaining confidence with technology.

STRIVE and DREAAM are helping our participants gain beneficial skills to help them succeed! The next 6-week session will begin soon. If you're interested or know someone who could find this program helpful, please reach out to

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