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In Her Own Words

In October, we featured Lina Mongwa on our blog, who began running 401 miles in 100 days in mid-June and finished in late September. Here, Mongwa describes her inspiration and motivation and what she learned through the journey...

"At the start of this endeavor to run 401 miles in 100 days, in the heart of 2 pandemics, I knew that there was a lot to learn. During my 401-mile journey, I listened to audio books on race; I listened to sermons; I listened to Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man; I listened to GirlTrek, Michelle Obama and other podcasts; I listened to music that got me to dance; I also listened to music that healed my soul.

I have learned a lot of lessons during this journey and will share some of them here:

I appreciate even more now that God is limitless in the ways in which He can move us and use us to do His work. I was blown away by the all who ran the half marathon with me, all who joined the 5/10K, all who supported with their presence and prayers, and all who donated and continue to donate to DREAAM.

I believe in DREAAM (Driven to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males). I

believe, because DREAAM is an organization that seeks to provide opportunities for Black men and Black families as a whole. 2020 has been a year during which my eyes have been opened up even more (than I had previously experienced and thought) to the very many ways the Black community has been disenfranchised for centuries now. While I am saddened by it all, I recognize that the good Lord, our creator has put us all on this earth for a purpose. History has us where we are now, however we all can change, improve, and do more with how we move forward. One of the ways my family is committed is by supporting DREAAM yearly in one way or another. My sisters who live in other parts of the country have taken on the challenge to run/walk 402 miles in 2021, 403 miles in 2022, 404 miles in 2023, etc. to support a local organization of their choice.

Growing up in Cameroon, West Africa, I heard this said a lot: “Blessed to be a blessing.” Yes! We are blessed regardless of our circumstances. Some have sight, some can hear, some have wisdom, some have more resources, etc. This is not just about money. It’s about conversations with one another, people around us; it’s about just being present for someone. There are just so many ways to do better.

My plea is that as I seek more ways to do better, we all take this challenge to do better for

ourselves and help others do same for themselves and others around them. OUR HUMAN RACE NEEDS US ALL TO WORK TOGETHER. Even as we seek avenues to do better, please consider contributing to the cause at

Love and Blessings,

Lina Mongwa

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