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Volunteers & Runners Needed!!!

Did you know DREAAM is a Charity Running Partner for the Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend? The big weekend is coming up April 28-30, and we are looking for 10 volunteers to work the expo or be out on the course during the races. If you're interested, see how to sign up below. And THANK YOU!!! If you would like to run for DREAAM, click here.

Instructions for Volunteers to Sign Up:

1. Click on this link to sign up to volunteer for a volunteer position with the Christie Clinic Race Weekend during race week (April 27-30). 2. You will see the following four options a. Expo Volunteer Positions (April 28-29) b. Friday Course Team Positions (April 29) c. Saturday Course Team Positions (April 30) d. Start/Finish/Stadium/Airport Volunteer Positions (April 27-30) 3. Click on one of the above options and look for a position that fits your availability. 4. When you find one that works for you, click the small white box to the left of the time of your shift (if it is not already checked). 5. Scroll down and start entering your email address, first name, last name, t-shirt size, etc. until you reach the disclaimer. Make sure to choose our organization from the list of Charity Running Partner organizations in the questions that asks "Are you with a charity running partner?" Read the disclaimer, click the box that says you accept the terms, and enter your name as a digital signature right below the line where you clicked the box to accept the terms (the box is hard to see). 6. Click the “Sign Up To Volunteer” button. 7. You should receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive an email, check your spam and junk folders. If not there, click this link, enter your email address and first name and click “Submit.” You will receive an email message in your inbox. Click the link to check to see if your information was entered correctly. You can update your information at this link or cancel your participation if your plans change. Thank you! If you have any questions, please email them to

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